Friday, November 15, 2013

Low Blood Glucose (Sugar) Defining, Symptoms and Causes

First of all, and before defining the symptoms, causes and treatment of low blood glucose or sugar, we need first to know what is low blood glucose?

Defining Low Blood Glucose:

Low blood glucose (sugar) called also and known as Hypoglycemia. This case can be a serious condition, that's because many people are complaining about low blood sugar level. Dangerous hypoglycemia are not a common case in the children over the age of 10 or even adults who are not having or suffering from diabetes mellitus.

We have mentioned before what are diabetes? But shortly, we can define diabetes as it makes the system of your body to turn the food that you eat into glucose (sugar) in order to allow the pancreas to release insulin to serve like a key to open your cells to allow the sugar to enter and produce the power you need don't work the right way. Without enough glucose or sugar, your body cannot perform the normal functions. Diabetes mellitus also can be defined as a chronic disease which causes your blood sugar to be in a high level.

So, if you have diabetes mellitus, you are advisable to monitor carefully your blood glucose and insulin to keep things in balance and allow your body to do the needed functions.

Low Blood Sugar Symptoms (Signs of Low Blood Glucose):

Low blood glucose may occur suddenly and you may have no symptoms or signs warning. If low blood glucose occurs you may experience a seizure, faint and even go into a coma. Anyway, there are many low blood sugar symptoms and signs that tell you which include:

1-    Skin tingling.
2-    Blurry vision.
3-    Difficulty sleeping.
4-    Sudden mood changes.
5-    Sweating.
6-    Sudden nervousness.
7-    Shaking.
8-    Rapid heartbeat.
9-    Unexplained fatigue.
10-          Hunger.
11-          Headache.
12-          Pale skin.
13-          Concentrating or trouble thinking clearly.
On the other hand, if you know that someone have diabetes mellitus or diabetic and you noticed these low blood sugar symptoms, you have to get them something to eat. Be sure that this advice is very important than thinking about the short term blood glucose spike.

Notice: Sometimes, low blood glucose can be life threatening, it can nervous system damage and seizures. So, you have to know how to recognize your symptoms to treat them as soon as possible. Instead of driving to a medical provider, just eat something to raise your blood and then call an ambulance or a doctor or even get a ride.

Causes of Low Blood Glucose:

There are many low blood sugar causes and reasons which include:
1-    Side effects of diabetes mellitus treatment.
2-    Endocrine disorders, like adrenal gland deficiency.
3-    Injecting too much insulin can cause low blood sugar symptoms and drop the glucose in your blood too low.
4-    Tumor which produce excess insulin.
5-    Excising physical activities without eating enough.
6-    Medical conditions like kidney disorders or hepatitis.
7-    Injecting insulin when planning to eat a big meal but not eating enough.
8-    Certain medications like quinine.
9-    Drinking alcohol too much.
10-          Having undergone gastric bypass or other weight loss surgeries.