Saturday, November 16, 2013

Blood Sugar 101 Book Review

Before talking about the blood sugar 101, we need first to take a look about the author of the book in order to be honest autonomy the book.

Many people known about the blood sugar 101 book, but on the other hand, not very people knows well that Jenny Ruhl is the writer of this book.

Jenny Ruhl is a well known author in business books, unfortunately, she got diabetes millets in 1998 as she diagnosed with it. In the same context, she have no one to ask about what blood sugars prevent complications, what causes diabetes and even who to control her blood sugar. So, she told us her observations and experiences with having this disease.

She is the owner of the web site after she dug into the medical journals newly which is available online and spent about year tracking down the facts.

From the first look, the blood sugar 101 is a very simple and easy to comprehend and read book on life with diabetes and blood glucose. In other words, it is easy and simple to understand.

We have mentioned before that Jenny Ruhl was diagnosed in 1998 with diabetes, but you may don't know that she have type 2 diabetes, the most common kind of diabetes mellitus.

The blood sugar 101 book contains fundamental and interesting information on core diabetes topics. Type 1 & 2 diabetes that many diabetics don't fully understand.

The book includes also many information about diet is right for different people, medications are safe to use, what medications are safe to use, blood levels cause complications, what causes diabetes, normal blood sugar levels.
Ruhl brings together much of the research conducted by professionals in the diabetes field, as well as doctor’s advice and possibly most importantly personal experience of that advice.

Ruhl also examines a number or uninformed and myths facts which are widely used and thrown at diabetics and makes suggestions in a concise and easy to understand way of dealing with the condition.